What's Happening

Open Regular Hours- Limited Services

Our doors are open for you to come in:

-  Maks must be worn.  We have them available.  

- In the building, you can check-out materials from our shelves or pick up holds:

-  Holds can be placed on infosoup.org *

-  Use of public computers is for adults and school or work ONLY

-  We will be open for a max of 10 people in the library at any given time. 

-  Mandatory 6ft distance for everyone in the library.

-  No toys. No activities. No seating areas.

If you have any symptoms, we request that you do not enter the library. 

Additional Safety Measures:

No-Contact Parking Lot Pick-up is still available.

Plexiglass shield is at check-out counter to separate you from staff.

Staff is completing most work "in the shelves" prior to opening to the public.  

High-touch surfaces are cleaned regulary.

Computers are cleaned after each use.

There is one entrance and one exit door.

Hand sanitizer is available when entering and exiting.

Items entering the library are quarantined for everyone's safety for 24 hours before being placed on the shelves. No fines will be charged.

We are taking steps to keep our visitors and staff healthy, but use of the library is at your own risk.

Preschool Story Time- Take Home Book Bundle

Take Home Book Bundles-

Our Preschool Story Time (ages up to 4K) is in the form of a take-home kit this Fall.  Book Bundles conatain books and craft kits with all needed supplies to complete at home.

Come to the library to sign-up and pick-up your first Book Bundle.  There are 10 topics for you to complete.  The program is deisnged for 1 Bundle a week with 10 total.  

When your child completes a Book Bundle, they can place a sticker on a sticker scene to keep track of completeing all 10.  

Book Bundles can be picked-up CURBSIDE-920-986-3933

No Contact Library Pick-up

Yes you can still use the library even if you don't want to come in!

You can select materials that we have on our shelves to pick up.  There is no delivery to share materials with other libraries, but you can borrow from our in-house collection!  

To fill out an online Request Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnOkyYTfWtuesTjhYvXnim7V7_sE7FE-KbZ-u12Mi8uyE0WQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

To search what items are available, use infosoup.org and search by changing the "location" to Shiocton.

You are not able to place holds on infosoup.org at this time.  You will need to contact the library to have the staff prepare your materials for pick up.  

Please call 920-986-3933 or email shi@shioctonlibrary.org if you need assistance  

Thank you for using your library!